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Glass Film

We have different types of glass films to meet your needs.

Sun protection, privacy, increased security, discover our glass films with different degrees of opacity and features.

Interior Blinds

A wide range to choose from.

Tecnobrisa is equipped with the most varied solutions in interior blinds, a whole palette of screens to enable your choice and meet all requirements. Produced by Tecnobrisa with the highest rigor and quality.

Exterior Blinds

Solar protection and security.

We have several solutions for the outdoors, in different colors and finishes to meet your needs.

Awnings and Covers

Awnings and covers of your choice.

Discover the various mechanisms and structures we have at your disposal.

Curtains Rails

Variety and Versatility

We have a wide range of decorative rails and curtains for your project. Complete kit for wall application, with a wide range of terminals, accessories and measures. Hospital curtains are another focus.

Can not find what you are looking for?

Tecnobrisa has a wide range of products and solutions, if you don’t find what you want you can consult us, we will be happy to help.